Phantom Flex 4k Shoot at Festival for Samsung
Phantom Flex4k shoot for the Canon Noordkaap Challenge.
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High Speed operator experience:
– Phantom Flex 2k
– Phantom Flex 4k
– Phantom Miro

Also working with cable cams – drones – robot’s (Mr Moco but also Kuka). In the Netherlands i work with Event Robotic & Motion Control Europe

Who is Frank de Bruijn?

After the study of Interaction Design at the HKU and BI (Bedrijfskundige Informatica) at the HEAO i started working for myself with creating websites. My interest in camera’s started when we got involved in sport analysis software called Dartfish. We needed shot from above and started to use drones. At that time there were not much drones available. A collaboration started with a company from Scheveningen who developed drones. Soon the television market got the word of the drones and television shows like Adam zoekt Eva, Atlas but also international like Bear Grylls got to be clients. We got the opportunity to film in the most beautiful places all around the world. From Panama to Surinama. Because of my background in sports, i got more and more interest in filming, and especially in high speed filming. Super slowmotion. After a short period of searching for camera’s, i got to meet Wim Holtkamp, the distributor at that time for Vision Research. He helped me a lot to get to know the camera and the beauty behind high speed. Wim is a very technical person, so all the ins and outs of the high speed camera’s were explained and told to me. He gave me the possibility to buy my own Phantom Miro which allowed me to train and learn more and more about high speed. This opened my eyes for this beautiful way of filming and made me decide to be a specialist at high speed. Something i never regret. I still love high speed and use the camera for all kind of shoots. From art to commercials to industrial shoots to do technical testing with the camera.

If you want to see the unseen, things that are to fast to see, give me a call and let’s film it! Or you get in touch with me by mail. Hope to hear from you!